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It’s never a good idea to buy your hosting from the same company as  you have your domain. You know the proverb about eggs and baskets.


When it comes to hosting I have been around the block a bit in the last twenty years. I started with a baby plan at Hostgator and then upgraded to a reseller account. All went well for ten years until Hostgator was sold.


From that point the technical support became horrible. I am big on support because I wasn’t that techie back in the day.


I still think it’s important which is why I now use Momsweb. It is owned by Kelly McCausey and she has had the company for many years. She set it yup because she hated her hosting company.


I have my own server as my personal business has expanded over the years, but it isn’t necessary to go this big. I have over a hundred sites.


You can go as big or small as you like. As you can see below the entry point is $5.00 a month and Scott the technical support guy will transfer your sites over for you. I have never waited more than twenty mintes to get an answer from support.


The beauty about Momsweb support is the fact they don’t expect you to be a Geek. They understand simple English and reply to you in the tone you set. That means you are not looking at a dictionary to find out what’s happening.


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Buying Domains

Buying your own domains is one of the most exciting aspects of creating your own business.It is the equivalent of owning real estate. It’s like having prime beach land on Malibu beach. You can either build a shack on it or you can build a palatial six bedroom, six bathroom house. Let’s say your business as your house when it’s built you can either rent out your domain, or sell it or just take an income from it the choice is yours. You only and you can do what you like with it.

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I use Divi for everything now. It is quickly and easily customozable, but the best thing is it has preloadable pages. Every week Elegant themes add  a new ready nmade theme. They have themes perfect for local business such as restaurants and florists. You don’t need to use the whole things you just use one module.
Divi WordPress Theme